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Historical Gymkhana

This tour is a complete and a full experience, a game oriented to competition while discovering through the famous characters of Seville, its History and legends.

Passiontours invites you to discover the city with this funny game. Different teams with a tour leader at each one will have to solve different enigmas, and follow the clues given by our actors playing different rolls. You will have to demonstrate your ability to stroll the labyrinth of the city center of Seville.

Little streets, tiny squares, charming private houses and hidden monuments will be involved as the locations of the game. The actors and the city will try to take you into the different periods of the history of Seville (middle ages, The Age of the Discovery, Legends of the city, etc).

Without any doubt you will visit the city in a different way from the traditional ones. Just let us tell you that everybody will be enchanted to receive rewards for the winners and all the participants at the game. We are waiting for you….. lets play!

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Gynkana con Carmen

Visita Bicicletas Cartuja

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